About us

Royal Petrol is a worldwide trading service company, which emerged as a leader of the industry in aviation and the trading of oil and petroleum, and charter flights.Our company is the preferred aviation fuel provider of the Middle East, Africa and Asia, globally recognized for its distinguished service standards and worldwide reach. We provide refueling services to commercial, military, presidential and private aircraft.As pioneers in oil trading, we are constantly expanding our scope of operations to provide fuel, consultancy and related services to our global client base. Royal Petrol Trading Company has the infrastructural strength, long-term experience and expertise to meet demands no matter what they are.

We are also leading providers of air charter solutions across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The strong understanding of the markets we operate in and the relationships we have developed with a large base of operating partners over the years enable us to provide high level and cost efficient air charter services to our clients.

we provide aviation support services to commercial, military, presidential and private aircrafts

What we do

We conduct the negotiation of all fees related to into-plane fueling activities and airport fees. We interface with commercial supply organizations to coordinate at FBO locations all around the world.
We also ensure client satisfaction through inventory fuel programs used for prioritizing fuel dispatch. At Royal Petrol, we offer our clients highly pro-active financial solutions for each order handled by us. Each contract is customized to acquire mutual benefits. Our customers also utilize our credit risk management services, detailed and speedy invoicing, tax consultation and verification and reliable information on a regular basis. Having the edge of industrial expertise and market knowledge, Royal Petrol also offers clients consultancy on operations, environmental, health and safety issues. Additionally, clients can also benefit from project management services for grass root projects and upgrades for fuel storage- distribution downstream of refineries.

Our vision

Royal Petrol is a one-stop destination for all fuel and petroleum requirements in the industry. It is a global solution for all your fuel needs, as well as related airline operations services. Our aim is to be globally established as the one-stop destination for all fuel and petroleum requirements in the industry, with world-class services in logistics, aircraft handling,
charter, as well as medical evacuation.

Our mission

To provide value-driven services to fuel procurers around the world at competitive rates and with exceptional service quality. We provide competitive contract pricing, 24-hour dispatch and a list of values added services that positions Royal Petrol as a solid competitor in the industry for commercial operators, corporate organizations
and governmental entities around the world.

Our values

At Royal Petrol, we base our company policies on four principal pillars:


We always aim for long-term mutually beneficial relationship. More than 80 % of our clients refer back to us owing to the loyalty with which they are served.


We firmly believe in ethics over monetary gains and commercial success. We believe in fair treatment for all and do not distinguish between our clients, suppliers, or workforce.


By means of vast industrial experience, we ensure that our clients benefit from nothing but the best in the industry. We continuously study developments in the market and devise innovative ways to serve our customers in exceptional ways.


Professionalism and perfection in our area of operations have led to excellent results and growth. We use our expertise and knowledge to guide our clients and counsel them in major investment decisions.