Royal Petrol is one of the leading providers of air charter solutions across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The strong understanding of the markets we operate in and the relationships we have developed with a large base of operating partners over the years enable us to provide high level and cost efficient air charter services to our clients.

VIP & royal charters

Our attention to detail and uncompromising commitment to client satisfaction, confidentiality and anonymity enable us to be partner of choice for VIP clients.
With Royal Petrol’s VIP/ Royal Charter service, you can travel safely and in style. Our flight support team serves you with utmost confidentiality, and will assist you throughout the process: from check-in, meal preferences, security and safety requirements, as well as help you through customs clearings, accommodation and transportation.


As experts in international air cargo chartering, we only work with prominent partners that handle air cargoes globally. We are confident of their services, cost effectiveness and reliability. They also provide custom-made air charter solutions at all times, which gives us part of the competitive edge. They specialize in the planning and execution of transport services around the world and guarantee efficient transport solution to your airfreight demands.
We offer variety of solutions to transport your cargo in innovative ways, whether impromptu, during peak season or scheduled. We also provide you with packaging requirements, assist in custom clearance, supervise loading & off loading and on ground monitoring until it reaches its destination.

Medical aircraft charter

Medical evacuation demands high precision and tactical decision-making. We have a large base of service partners who are highly prepared on such scenarios, covering everything from world-class jets, state-of-the-art medical equipment, dedicated medical staff and flight crew, to the flight support team that handles the smooth coordination of the evacuation to and from the aircraft, engineering everything to make the patient safe and secured.
The medical aircraft can be provided for both critical and non-critical patients, both domestically and internationally. While other aviation companies only take care of the aviation logistics, we go above and beyond the call of duty, always ensuring that we give our clients affordable, competitive prices with 24/7 service.