With an extensive network of global partners, Royal Petrol has local branches in every corner of the world, enabling us to effectively manage aviation needs all across. We provide refueling services to commercial, military, presidential and private aircraft. We are known for rigid quality control in all our logistics, and carefully examine and respond to feedback provided by our clients.


Royal Petrol is a leading provider of jet fuel at over 2500 airports worldwide. Each year Royal Petrol supplies the industry鈥檚聽leading brands, from oil major oil companies to military clients, private jets, government and commercial airlines, as well as our own aviation division. We are committed to providing value to the end user and ensuring product quality. Royal Aviation is an active member of global jet fuel product, quality and handling forums. As the world鈥檚 largest handler of arbitrage jet fuel, Royal Petrol has unrivalled expertise in the management of the global jet fuel supply chains and we invest heavily in training, testing and infrastructure to ensure product quality and integrity.
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What we do

At Royal Petrol, we believe ground handling excellence is critical and we can arrange handling in the most diverse locations, anywhere around the globe. We offer reliable, on-demand ground handling with speed, efficiency and accuracy. Our geographical reach is unrivalled and we are committed to delivering value for our clients.
We offer an integrated array of services from ramp handling, ground handling such as cargo and luggage services, flight clearance and route analysis, catering, accommodation and transportation, visas and more.

Our priority is to ensure that aircrafts, crew, passengers and cargo are handled with professionalism and the highest standards of service using advanced technology and highly experiences teams on the ground.

Geographical reach is unrivalled


With 10 years of experience, we can simplify procedures to obtain flight permits worldwide. We guarantee that our Operations team, who are up to date with the latest regulations and have a vast experience in handling permit requirements, can provide efficient help and respond to your requests with no delays.
Obtaining overfly and landing permits requires a lot of time, patience and worldwide knowledge; Royal Petrol can be an extension of your operations and obtain the permits for you in the shortest possible time at competitive prices. Royal Petrol looks after airspace clearance for a wide range of flights, from commercial airlines to VIP flight operators and ambulance flights. In addition to quickly securing your flight path, we can also settle all Civil Aviation charges on your behalf to the relevant Civil Aviation Authority.

Commercial airlines

VIP Flight operations

Ambulance flights

Government flights

Flight planning

Royal Petrol provides seamless flight planning services through our professional flight planning team that guarantees both safety and convenience, wherever the destination may be. No need to worry about air traffic, aircraft performance, weather conditions, etc. These concerns are addressed by a sophisticated system used to analyze all relevant data for dependable and thorough flight plans.

Trip Planning

With a 24 hours support highly trained team that can deal with complex and challenging travel plans, we pride ourselves in always striving for excellence in service. Our team is acutely aware of the ever-changing worldwide regulations, ensuring efficient operational support that provides accurate solutions and speedy delivery of customized trip planning, even on a short notice.