Our core competencies are competitive fuel rates and a sophisticated network of fuel suppliers. Being in the industry for a decade, we understand that the price value of fuel can fluctuate any time. Royal Petrol invests in market research for the monitoring and assessment of fuel prices, costs and trends, to ensure cost-effective and high-quality fuel.

We prioritize quality above all else and have a strict monitoring of our fuel resources. In the rare event that we run into any kind of risk, we make sure all our fuel suppliers are insured.

Royal Petrol maintains strong and close ties with suppliers and we can still arrange the unique bulk of fuel in demand, in case there is an abrupt shortage of fuel supply in the market. We offer Jet A-1 fuel and for your preference, we offer credit terms for our fuel services.

We offer fuel procurement anywhere in the world and fuel dispatch 24/7. We have a highly skilled operational team with extensive experience in fuel pricing and other fuel services, who are on standby 24/7 to accommodate any inquiries and requests. We also have vast experience to help arrange VAT applications or exemptions, which depends on the country and nature of your flight. Our team can provide an easy-to-digest guide for the declaration forms, with information about VAT regulations.